The Vanuatu Financial Intelligence Unit was enacted in September 2000 and initially governed by the Financial Transaction Reporting Act [CAP 268] until it was replaced by The new Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML&CTF) Act No. 13 of 2014.

It is a unit within the State Law Office located in the Prime Minister's Complex (next to the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu compound) and managed by the Director of the FIU.

It is a specialised Unit created as Vanuatu's national agency responsible for the receipt, analysis, assessment and dissemination of information and intelligences relating to suspected money laundering, terrorist financing and other serious criminal activities to Vanuatu law enforcement agencies as well as international law enforcement agencies.

The Unit is also tasked to regulate compliance and conduct compliance examinations of all financial institutions in Vanuatu as required by the AML&CTF.


member FIU team (2017): (standing, l-r): Mr. Webster BULE (Financial Analyst, Snr. VAT Officer on FIU Secondment); Mr. Whitely KENNETH (Financial Analyst, Police Constable on FIU Secondment); Mr. Mackenzie BANI (Compliance Officer); Ms. Lenisha VARI (Financial Analyst); Mr. Metson MARKSON (Compliance Officer). (sitting, l-r): Ms. Kirsty TAVOA (Snr. Compliance Officer); Mr. Josiah KUATPEN (Snr. Intelligence Officer); Mr. Floyd Ray MERA (Director); Mr. Teddy GARAE (Snr. Compliance Officer). (inset: l-r): Ms. Agnes WILLIE (Data Entry Officer, Temp.), Ms. Viniana BANI (Compliance Officer), Mr. John HUDSON MERAH (Enforcement Officer), Mrs. Kella BAHA (Data Entry Officer currently on Study Leave).